Prince Harry, Camilla and Kate and the Duchess of Cambridge dress up for the royal wedding

When it comes to the royal family’s official dress, the Princess Royal is not known for being particularly formal, but that has changed this year.

The Princess Royal has been given a royal makeover and now has a more modern look.

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry are wearing an all white wedding dress with a royal pin and gold bows on their shoulders.

Prince William is wearing a white dress with red piping on the bodice and a white trim.

Kate, Duchess of Sussex and Prince William will be seen together for the first time at the wedding of Prince Charles and Catherine of Aragon on June 26.

Kate is wearing an open-necked blouse, while the Duchess is wearing black trousers and a black dress.

Both Kate and Duchess of Kent will be wearing white wedding dresses, with Prince William’s a dark grey with white trim and a golden clasp.

Kate and Prince Charles are both wearing a black and white gown with a golden pin on the back and a gold bow.

Kate’s gown is a more casual version of the one worn by the Duchess.

Kate will wear a black skirt, which is more fitted and less fitted than the Duchess’s.

Prince Harry will wear black trousers, with a gold tie.

Prince Philip is wearing dark blue trousers and gold jewellery.

Kate has worn white trousers, while her Duchess of Cornwall counterpart, Catherine, is wearing brown trousers and black boots.

Prince George and Princess Anne will be dressed in their traditional white gowns, while Princess Eugenie is wearing white trousers and an open black bow on her head.

The royal wedding is expected to be one of the biggest weddings of the year.

Prince Charles is expected in full royal regalia, with the Duchess, Kate and his wife Camilla wearing their traditional gowns.

Kate was also seen in the formal attire, but with the pin on her shoulders.

She is wearing red shoes with gold buttons on the bottom, while Camilla is wearing blue shoes with red buttons on her shoes.

Prince Andrew, who is the only person not to have been invited to the wedding, is in full regalia as is Princess Eugeny, Prince Philip and Princess Eugensia.

Kate looked beautiful in her white dress and her elegant red shoes, and she will be very pleased with her performance in her new dress.

Duchess of Brighton, the Duke and Duchess are in full gowns with white shoes, while their new sister Princess Anne is wearing purple shoes with silver buttons.

The wedding of the Duchess and Kate will be attended by the Queen, Prince Harry and the Duke of Edinburgh.