Woman who got married dressed in slutty dress in Kerala gets flak from neighbours

Kerala is in a state of shock after a woman went out dressed in a slutty bride dress and was reportedly attacked by her neighbours.

The incident happened on Sunday in Gudiyangalipore, near the state capital Thiruvananthapuram, after a couple from the village of Dhanandapura was seen in the area wearing the wedding dress, a local police official told The Indian Express.

“We have registered a case and lodged a complaint with the local police,” said Subhash Gupta, the police officer.

The couple had left the bride-to-be’s parents for a wedding ceremony and had returned home when they saw the woman in the dress, he said.

Police said the couple, both in their 40s, started a conversation in the village and asked the woman, who had been in the city for about two hours, to come back to their house to meet them.

They then went to the neighbouring village of Purnakumari, where the woman allegedly went to a room and started showing off her clothes.

The woman was seen entering the room with the dress in her hands, the official said.

When she saw the man approaching her in the room, she allegedly slapped him and then fled, the officer said.

The woman was arrested and taken to Thiruvaanagar police station where she was lodged for questioning, the local officials said.

Gudiyangeyar Purnakh, the village head, said the woman had earlier made a complaint to the police, which had taken her to a local jail.

“The woman had given birth to a girl in the past.

When she went to live with her parents, she did not know the dress she was wearing,” Purnar said.

“She went to her parents and complained.

The family was very angry.

They did not believe the girl.

They asked the police to file a case against the woman and take action against her,” he said, adding that the couple has been married for more than 20 years.