How to dress as Sarah Weddings dress

Sarah Wedgwood, the Duchess of Cambridge, has unveiled her new look as part of her engagement dress collection.

The Duchess of Sussex has opted for a light pink bodice, which features a long, straight skirt, and a plunging neckline, in the colours of the royal family.

The bodice is complemented by a bright, full-waisted neckline and satin-finished bodice trim.

The dress features a simple waistband with the signature white lace detailing.

Sarah Wedgwoods signature look is simple, yet sophisticated.

Her signature lace up top is compleated with a bright colour tassel, and her waistband is finished with an embroidered floral lace.

Sarah has been known to wear a range of high-waist dresses in recent years.

Her last two dresses, which were designed by designer Rachel Kohn, were both styled by designer Alessandro Nivola.

Sarah wedges the dress on her feet.

She has previously worn the dress in two colours in her wedding reception in 2014, and also sported it in her second wedding in 2015.

The dresses are now available for sale.

The new look is Sarah’s first with designer Rachel’s designer sister-in-law, Christiane Boudry, in her exclusive partnership with her husband, the Prince of Wales.