When a bride’s husband is drunk, a hippie bride is the one who is doomed to suffer

When a couple finds themselves alone in a room and their marriage is in shambles, they can’t help but wonder if their relationship is doomed.

When their new partner begins to drink, the only thing that seems to be holding them together is a small bottle of beer.

The newbie gets too drunk to see any of the problems, and they both wind up dead.

When a man goes to a local pub and drinks a bottle of whiskey, it becomes clear that he isn’t sober enough to get his family back together.

And so, when a hippies husband is about to die of a drug overdose, his daughter Kayla decides to take matters into her own hands, using her newfound sobriety to save their marriage and save her own life.

But when she tries to leave the house, her mother has a surprising revelation: she thinks she can help her daughter stay sober by giving her some hippie clothes.

Written by Anonymous