Why Melania Trump was given an ‘F’ for ‘Feminist’

When she became first lady, Melania Trump took on a very public role in politics and was frequently photographed in her role as the face of her husband Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Now, the First Lady has received an ‘A’ from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) for her work in healthcare and childbirth.

The prestigious medical group’s “Certificate of Excellence” for her role in reproductive health and human rights is a significant accomplishment for a former fashion model and a mother of four.

The ASRM said that in a letter dated Wednesday, Melania, 36, was awarded the “Certificates of Excellence for her efforts in promoting reproductive health care and reproductive rights.”

Melania has been recognized for her leadership in reproductive healthcare for her many achievements.

She was the first female First Lady to take a stand against the Planned Parenthood abortion pill, which was eventually pulled from the market by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in February.

The First Lady also became the first First Lady in the U,S.

to receive the President’s Gold Medal for Health Care.

Melania is the first woman in history to receive both an ‘B’ and ‘A.’

The ASRM’s website lists her as one of the world’s leading leaders in reproductive issues, with her work promoting maternal and reproductive health as a pillar of her political platform.

The American Society of Reproductive Therapists also awarded Melania an “A” for reproductive health, saying she helped bring “the best reproductive health practices and knowledge” to the American public.

Melania has become the face and voice of the Trump campaign, which has focused on the need for women to have access to birth control, to get their insurance covered for contraception and to make their own reproductive decisions.

She has also been critical of the Affordable Care Act, which she has criticized for not being enough for women.

She and her husband have campaigned on a platform that is supportive of the rights of women and girls.

“Melania’s accomplishments are unparalleled, but she and her team have continued to lead the way in reproductive justice and reproductive freedom for women around the world,” the ASRM stated in a statement.

“As first lady of the United States, Melania has also brought together a diverse and inclusive team of advisors, allies, and allies from all sectors of the health care sector to work together to make reproductive healthcare accessible and affordable for millions of women around a world that has been fighting for women’s rights for centuries,” it added.

Melania Trump, first lady to Donald Trump, has been the face, voice and voice for women in the United State since becoming first lady in 2009.

She is known for her fashion sense, fashion shows, fashion, and hairstyles.

In 2013, she launched a clothing line for Trump that includes designer labels and accessories.

The line includes dresses, hats, boots, and accessories for men and women.

The clothing line launched in February of last year.

Melania also announced that she would be stepping down from her role on the board of the Donald J. Trump Foundation in 2018.

She had been on the executive board since 2014.