‘Tulle Wedding Dress That Can’t Be Found’

A stunning new tulle wedding gown that was designed by famed couture designer Renaissance Wedding Dress, was only found in a London warehouse. 

The gown, which is made from velvet and has a full-length skirt, was originally expected to sell for around £2,500 but now is priced at £5,000.

The dress was first displayed at the Paris Fashion Week event earlier this year and was sold to a collector in August. 

“The gown was designed to go to a bride in the US for the ceremony and to a couple in the UK for their wedding,” Renaissance director of design, Nadiya Vassiliadze, told The Times.

“It’s a beautiful dress, it’s elegant, it has a high neckline, it looks beautiful in the sun, but in this world, in the real world, the bride wears a tulle gown and the bride and groom wear a dress. 

I thought that the bride is in this dress for their first wedding.

They love to wear tulle and it’s a way of saying, ‘We love to show off our wealth’.”

The bride and bridegroom in the gown were photographed on their honeymoon in the Netherlands, where the designer’s wedding was held. 

However, after the couple received the gown, they realised they had bought a dress that looked like a wedding dress but wasn’t made from it. 

Renanadze said the designer had to redesign the gown to fit in with the couture style of the time, and that the designer never intended to sell it.

“We’re trying to get a gown that will not go for $5,500, but will go for £2 or £3,000, so that’s the goal,” she said.

“I don’t know why Renanadz decided to go for that price point.”

She said she was “extremely surprised” by the designer, but said the gown would sell well at a fair price. 

There are now a few versions of the dress available online, and a new version has just gone on sale for $7,800. 

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